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Private Investigations


FPI is a Nationwide, bonded and insured Private Investigation Agency. FPI using the most advanced equipment will search for any listening or video devices planted on your premises.

Locate People

With FPI’s expertise we are able to locate tenants who have absconded from their apartments making it possible for Landlords to serve and obtain jurisdiction over these tenants.  This is required in Hold-Over proceedings where the tenant has not surrendered the key and thereby not granting possession to the Landlord.


If the tenant has left the premises owing back rent or has damaged the premises and the landlord brings an action for a money judgement, FPI’s expertise in locating the former tenant becomes crucial in order to obtain jurisdiction over that former tenant.


FPI has been successful in locating these tenants in hundreds of cases throughout the United States.  With FPI’s network throughout the country we are able to obtain service of process on these absconding tenants where ever they are hiding.

Locate Bank Accounts

FPI bank account searches are nationwide, quick and cost effective.

Locate Asset

Should the client have a money judgement against a defendant or seek the whereabouts of hidden assets, FPI Asset Location Department will utilize it’s expertise to assist in finding any assets to aid in the recovery of unpaid debts, satisfaction of the client’s judgements or supply to the client the asked for information.


Personal Injury

Personal injury insurance fraud is typically defined as any act intended to cause an insurance company to compensate you for an injury that is nonexistent, exaggerated, or unrelated to any accident covered by the policy.

Common examples include faking or exaggerating the nature and extent of injuries after an accident, or planning or staging a theft, arson incident, or car accident.


A) using created personas and entities to obtain evidence

B) using multicultural and multilingual teams

C) Thinking outside the box, being creative

D) Following targeted individuals

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