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Landlord & Airbnb Services

Covert Cameras

Forensic Private Investigations installs covert cameras in hallways to monitor tenants suspected of illegal subletting and AirBNB.


Depending upon the amount of tenants to be monitored in a building FPI will either use battery operated covert cameras or for larger monitoring, ip pin hole cameras.  All are High Definition, Nigh Vision, Motion Detection set.


FPI will issue reports describing the activity recorded on the cameras.

Data Searches

With access to specialized databases because of FPI’s licenses Forensic Private Investigations searches the tenant’s situation.

Landlord Tenant Matters

Primary Residences Located
Illegal Sublets identified and Evidence obtained
Succession Rights Investigated
Short Term (AirBNB type) rentals investigated and video evidence obtained
Covert Cameras Installed and monitored with reports written
Pretext investigations conducted to obtain evidence and admissions
Bank Accounts located for client to obtain garnishments for judgements

Skip Tracing

A proper skip trace is performed by gathering as much information as possible about the subject in question. We then take this collection of information and analyze it to learn the location of the subject. Employing methods of social engineering, talking to friends and relatives and potential contacts of the subject.


FPI Investigates Non-Primary Residence situation doing background searches but more importantly sends our agents to speak with neighbors and then obtains admissions by tenant/resident plus videos and G.O tagged photographs All admissible in proceedings.

Due Diligence

While in the soft period prior to going hard on a building purchase FPI has often done a quick due diligence search of rent stabilized tenants in the  premises for possible hidden profits from the removal of non-primary residency tenants.


Notice the G.O. Tag in red.  Shows date, time and coordinates.

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