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Forensic Private Investigator

A full service licensed and insured security firm.

Covert Cameras Setup

We Setup and monitor covert camera for all your needs.

FPI is a New York State licensed Private Investigation firm, fully bonded and insured.   FPI is a multifaceted Private Investigation firm specializing in insurance investigations, real time surveillance, bank account searches, installation of covert camera systems, background investigations for employment and residency requirements, criminal defense investigation, employee fraud, and white-collar fraud matters. 


Additionally, FPI’s security guard division specializes in armed and unarmed security conducting services for businesses, schools, religious institutions and individuals and, bodyguard services.

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FPI’s staff includes experienced agents with backgrounds as NYPD senior grade detectives, law degreed professionals, US Military VETS who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, CBRNE training, forensic psychology and forensic evidence gathering along with medical and engineering staff to evaluate all contingencies.


FPI is an agency that will efficiently and legally complete the tasks assigned, be it investigatory,security, or background checking.


FPI staff are members of the Associated Licensed Detectives of the State of New York and strives to fill the clients’ needs with state of the art digital technology and equipment along with human intel, continuing educational courses and training so that our staff is the most up to date and knowledgeable; the better to serve our clientele.


FPI retains the strictest client confidentiality policy to protect the client privacy rights.

FPI, private investigatory expertise available.

Covert Cameras Setup

We Setup and monitor covert camera for all your needs.

Investigations Nationwide

Staffing 24/7 to handle your needs

Fully Licensed

Been in operation for more then a decade

FPI has handled hundreds of complex investigations


Fully Insured – Insurance Certificates available as requested

Executive Staff trained as attorneys, John Jay College of Criminal Justice graduates.

Staff with many years of investigation experience

Staff is multicultural and multilingual and are assigned as required

Staff is trained how to testify

Trained in the use of covert video equipment